Division of Public Health

Mission Statement:

To preserve, promote, and improve the health and well-being of populations, communities, and individuals through prevention, education, surveillance, treatment and regulation.”



Inside the Division of Public Health

Chief Public Health Office

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Bureau of Communicable Disease Control

Bureau of Communicable Disease Control prepares, prevents, responds and controls the spread of diseases of public health concern in Guam through surveillance, disease reporting and investigation in collaboration with health care providers and key responders for a healthier island community.

Bureau of Community Health Services

The Bureau administers federal grants such as the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, the State Based Tobacco Prevention and Control Program and many more.

Bureau of Family Health and Nursing Services

Bureau of Family Health and Nursing Services is to provide community health nursing services by synthesizing nursing practice and public health practices.

Bureau of Nutrition Services

Bureau of Nutrition Services strives to improve health and well-being through nutrition education, promotion of physical activity, and engaging with partners to develop policies and environmental changes which reduce hunger, increase breastfeeding, and decrease obesity and its associated chronic diseases throughout Guam.

Bureau of Primary Care Services

The Bureau of Primary Care Services aims to reduce health disparities by providing comprehensive primary health care to the underserved, indigent, and uninsured populations who are most in need of assistance and least able to find it.