Program Management Section

The PMS is responsible for program planning, monitoring and evaluation. The goal of PMS is to maintain a viable grants management system that supports the continuity of human services.

The individuals served by PMS are program staff, foster care service providers, contracted service providers and the community at large. There are no eligibility criteria as services are available to all.

The Program Management Section:

1. Develop policies and procedures.

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures for the Child Protective Services program and other programs in the bureau.

2. Monitor and evaluate the programs.

3. Manage service contracts.

  • Conduct quarterly monitoring of the service contracts with Catholic Social Services. These include the Alee I and Alee II shelters for women and children who are victims of family violence and victims of child abuse and neglect, and the Guma San Jose shelters for homeless individuals and families. Ensure that services provided are adequate and facilities are well maintained. Evaluate the effectiveness of services and prepare report on findings and recommendations.
  • Participate in contract preparation, budget negotiations, and contract renewals with service providers.

4. Maintain the Child Welfare Management Information System.

  • Identify automation needs of programs.
  • Assist in training all staff on the use of the system.
  • Monitor the operation of the system. Maintain contact with system technicians when problems occur so that corrective actions are taken immediately.
  • Manage and update reference files, when necessary.
  • Provide security measures.
  • Conduct backup activities for files, if necessary.

5. Assist in management research projects and other special projects.

6. Conduct fiscal management and grant writing.

7. Analyze federal and local legislation and its impact on child and family welfare programs.

8. Develop and implement the bureau’s corrective action plans.

9. Develop contingency plans.

10. Prepare federal and local reports.

  • Prepare quarterly and annual progress reports.
  • Prepare the annual Title XX, Pre- and Post- expenditure reports.
  • Prepare program statistical and budget reports.

11. Prepare federal and local budgets.

12. Develop an orientation plan for use in training all new employees.