Forms and Documents

Name of Document Downloadssort descending
Worksite Wellness Program - Message from the Director 1,134
Summary and Analysis of Engagement in Additional Activities Report 1,134
RFP DPHSS DPW BMS 16-003 1,134
2012 Commissioner's Award from the Administration on Children, Youth and Families 1,134
Special Recruitment for Family Foster Home 1,134
Proposed Amendments to Environmental Public Health Officer Series - Wednesday, December 12, 2012 1,135
Press Release 2012-090 1,136
Application for Guam Board of Nurse Examiners 1,136
FY2015 Alee I and II Shelters 1st Quarter Report 1,138
FY2014 Title XX, Pre-Expenditure Report 1,138
Dengue Fever Epidemics Continue in our Region 1,139
Rules and Regulations Governing Temporary Workforce Housing 1,139
Pre-teens/Adolescent and Adults Immunization Outreach 1,140
Medicaid and MIP Expenditure and Demographic Report - FY2014 End of 2nd Quarter Report 1,142
Dengue Fever Epidemics Continue in our Region 1,142
Dengue Fever Epidemics Continue in our Region 1,144
Safely Prepare your Holiday Meals on Thanksgiving Day and during the Holiday Season 1,144
GBCCEDP Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines - Table of Contents 1,145
Press Release 2011-074 Annual Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D 1,146
Request for Proposals RFP/DPHSS-2012-009 National Family Caregiver Support Program 1,146
Press Release 2011-072 Payment Adjustment for Provider Preventable Conditions 1,146
Press Release 2010-012 Notice to the Public 1,146
FY2016 Alee I and II Shelter 1st Quarter Report 1,147
Foster Care - Application for License of Family Foster Home 1,148
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Public Assistance Disqualification for the 3rd Quarter Fiscal Year 2010 1,150
Dengue Fever Epidemics Continue in our Region 1,151
Guam's Plan For Professional Development, Appendix A 1,152
Medicaid and MIP Expenditure and Demographic Report - FY2014 End of 1st Quarter Report 1,152
DPHSS Press Release 2012-007 1,153
FY 2012 NPO Service Provider Disclosure 1,153
RFP Announcement NFCSP RFP Number RFP/DPHSS-2012-009 1,153
FY2011 4th Quarter Guma San Jose Activities 1,155
Press Release No. 2012-058 1,156
Guam CCC Spirit of Collaboration Award Nomination Packet 2014 1,156
Budgets & Contracts 1,157
Radiation Devices from U.S. FDA 1,157
RFP/DPHSS-2013-005 Epidemiologist Services (Part-Time) 1,158
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter 2012-44 1,158
FY 2015 Medicaid and MIP Expenditure and Demographic Report - End of 4th Quarter Report 1,158
2011 NBCCEDP Allowable Procedures and Relevant CPT Codes 1,160
Kick Butts Day 2014 1,160
FY2011 Post Expenditure Report for Title XX 1,161
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter Reporting Week (2012-47) 1,162
Thank You from the Division of Senior Citizens 1,162
PHICC Press Release No. 10-010 1,163
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Public Assistance Disqualification for the 2nd Quarter Fiscal Year 2012 1,164
Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Guam Food Code 1,164
FY2011 4th Quarter Alee I and II Inventory 1,164
DPHSS Announces Shriners Outreach Clinic 1,164
DPHSS 2010-05-12 Voluntary Recall of Nestle® Carnation® Famous Fudge Kits 1,164
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter (2011-52) 1,165
CCDF State Plan for 2012-2013 1,166
Citizen Centric Report - Fiscal Year 2010 1,166
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter 2012-40 1,167
GBCCEDP Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines - Cover 1,167
Guam State Medicaid HIT Plan 1,167
RFP/DPHSS-2013-004 Medical Laboratory Technologist (Consultant) Services (Part-time) 1,170
Press Release 2011-073 Prutehi Hao 1,170
DPHSS Announces Recall of President Global Corporation Bin-Bin Snow Rice Crackers & Bin-Bin Rice Crackers for Undeclared Egg 1,173
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter Report for Week Ending 12/29/2012 1,173
Health Informatics Consultant Team Proposals Request 1,174
Swine Flu Information Marshallese 1,175
Guam Medicaid State Plan (2 of 6) 1,175
Swine Flu Information Samoan 1,177
DPHSS 2010-05-11 Press Release 2010-032 - Voluntary Recall 1,177
DPHSS Announces Open Enrollment of the Guam WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program 1,177
SRCHC Temporarily Closed on Sept. 19, 2012 Until Further Notice due to Water Outage 1,178
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter 2012-43 1,178
Application for 2012 Spirit of Collaboration Award 1,178
GBCCEDP Eligibility and Consent Form 1,179
Medicaid & Medically Indigent Program FY15 End of 3rd Quarter Report 1,182
FY2015 Title XX Post-Expenditure Report 1,183
RFP DPHSS DPW/BES 12-002 - Acquisition of an After School Childcare Services 1,183
Guam State Medicaid HIT Plan 1,183
News Release: Simplified Reporting for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 1,184
CCDF State Plan for 2012-2013 1,185
2013 Nursing Renewals OCT 1 1,186
8th National Asian and Pacific Islander (API) HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 1,186
Guam Medicaid State Plan (6 of 6) 1,187
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter for Week Ending 12-15-2012 1,187
FY 2014 DSC Final Expenditure Report for Non-Profit Organizations - Catholic Social Service 1,188
Guam Medicaid State Plan (1 of 6) 1,188
FY 2012 4th Quarter Reports for Alee I and II and Guma San Jose Shelters 1,189
Guam Cancer Registry Outreach Poster 1,189
FY2016 Guma San Jose Shelter 2nd Quarter Report 1,190
Information Guide for Low-Income Households 1,190
FY 2014 Bureau of Adult Protective Services (BAPS) Annual Legislative Report 1,191
Mumps Reports 1,192
DPHSS 2010-05-06 Press Release 2010-031 - MUMPS 1,192
Job Announcement Amendment 1,193
Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program FAQ 1,193
Vaccine Policy Change 1,193
Phase 1 of the Southern Region Renovation and Expansion Project Completion 1,194
Guma San Jose Shelter 4th Qtr. Report 1,194
Swine Flu Information Chuukese 1,194
Notice of Privacy Practices 1,195
DPHSS Guam Complaint/Incident/Suggestion Form 1,196
PHICC Press Release No. 10-014 1,196