Forms and Documents

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News Release: Simplified Reporting for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 1,395
RFP DPHSS DPW/BES 12-002 - Acquisition of an After School Childcare Services 1,395
DPHSS Guam Complaint/Incident/Suggestion Form 1,395
National Immunization Survey 1,395
DPHSS Announces Open Enrollment of the Guam WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program 1,395
Medicaid & Medically Indigent Program FY15 End of 3rd Quarter Report 1,396
GBCCEDP Brochure 1,398
FY2015 Guma San Jose Shelter 2nd Quarter Report 1,398
Tutorial - Publishing Documents and Articles 1,399
PHICC Press Release No. 10-014 1,400
Guam Cancer Registry Outreach Poster 1,400
FY2011 4th Quarter Alee I and II Activities 1,400
CCDF State Plan for 2012-2013 1,401
RFP/DPHSS-2013-004 Medical Laboratory Technologist (Consultant) Services (Part-time) 1,402
Guam Epidemiology Report (Reporting week 2013-2) 1,403
Health Informatics Consultant Team Proposals Request 1,404
Guma San Jose Shelter 4th Qtr. Report 1,405
Mumps Reports 1,405
Request for Proposal RFP/DPHSS 2014-006 Professional Services for Laboratory Services 1,405
DPHSS 2010-06-18 WIC Farmers Market 1,407
Press Release 2011-074 Annual Open Enrollment for Medicare Part D 1,407
FY 2012 4th Quarter Reports for Alee I and II and Guma San Jose Shelters 1,407
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter for Week Ending 12-15-2012 1,409
Press Release 2012-092 1,409
RFP/DPHSS-2012-003 Announcment 1,410
Title V Maternal and Child Health Needs Assessment Availability 1,410
FY2016 Alee I and II Shelter 1st Quarter Report 1,410
Citizen Centric Report - Fiscal Year 2010 1,413
DPHSS 2010-05-18 Press Release 2010-39 - Guam Receives Increase in Cancer Grants 1,413
DPHSS 2010-05-11 Press Release 2010-032 - Voluntary Recall 1,414
Guma San Jose Shelter FY2014 Annual Report 1,414
Guam Epidemiology Report (Reporting week 2013-1) 1,415
Free Immunization Clinic for WIC Participants 1,416
PHICC Press Release No. 10-004 1,417
Alee I and II Shelters 4th Qtr Report 1,419
Guam ICT Systems Analyst 1,419
DPHSS and GDOE Reporting Individual at SSHS Diagnosed with Active Tuberculosis (TB) 1,420
Nasopharyngeal Cancer Brochure 1,420
CAN Referral Form FY2016 1,421
Notice of Privacy Practices 1,421
RFP/DPHSS-2013-003 Laboratory Director Services (Part-time) 1,423
FY2015 Guma San Jose Shelter 1st Quarter Report 1,424
Screening Guidelines for Breast Cancer - Cover 1,424
Adult Immunization Outreach 1,426
May is Senior Citizens Month 1,427
Swine Flu Information Chuukese 1,429
Recall of Certain Over-The-Counter Products Due to Potential Presence of 1,429
2011 Renewal Listing for the Guam Board of Nursing 1,430
Guam's Plan for Professional Development 1,431
Swine Flu Information Tongan 1,434
Tutorial - Publishing Revisions 1,436
Medicaid and MIP Expenditure and Demographic Report - FY2014 End of 3rd Quarter Report 1,436
FY 2014 1st Quarter Report for GSJ Shelter 1,437
Job Announcement: Project Manager, USAPI/PHII 1,438
FY2015 Title XX Post-Expenditure Report 1,439
Information Guide for Low-Income Households 1,441
DPHSS Guam WIC Nutrition Questionnaire Form 1,442
DPHSS 2010-06-21 Child Immunization Outreach 1,443
Certified Nurse Assistant Written and/or Skills Exams Application Submission 1,443
Obesity Commercial - GOMH 1,443
Citizen Centric Report 2011 1,443
Guam Child Immunization Week 2012 1,444
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter (2012-32) 1,444
Alee I and II Shelters FY2014 Annual Report 1,444
PHICC Press Release No. 10-009 1,446
Wright County Egg Nationwide Recall Update 1,447
Guam 2013 Child Immunization Week 1,447
Guma San Jose 2nd Quarter Report for FY 2014 1,447
FY2012 Annual Report for Guma San Jose Shelter 1,447
Speaker's Transmittal Letter 1,447
DPHSS Announces Changes in the CCDF State Plan for 2012-2013 1,448
Press Release 1,449
FY 2012 3rd Quarter Report for Alee and Guma San Jose Shelters 1,449
Medicaid & Medically Indigent Program FY15 End of 2nd Quarter Report 1,450
World AIDS Day 1,450
Guam Epidemiology Newsletter Report for Week Ending 12-1-2012 1,451
Notice of Public Hearing for the Proposed Rules and Regulations Governing the Guam PDMP 1,451
FY 2014 2nd Quarter Report for Alee I and II shelters 1,452
DPHSS Guam WIC Proxy Designation Form 1,452
Press Release No. 2013-080 Annual Election Period for Medicare Part D 1,453
National Influenza Vaccination Week, January 10-16, 2010 1,455
1st Quarter FY2013 Guma San Jose Report 1,456
FY2016 Guma San Jose Shelter 2nd Quarter Report 1,456
Clinical Advisory 1,457
DPHSS 2010-04-16 Clinical Advisory 1,459
1st Quarter FY12 BHCFA Expenditure and Demographic Reports 1,459
JIC Factsheet 001 1,460
National Farmer's Market Week 1,461
January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month 1,462
2012 Centenarian Recognition 1,462
Guma San Jose Shelter FY 2013 third quarter report 1,463
3rd Qtr Report Alee I and II Shelters 1,465
DPHSS 2010-06-06 DEH Hours of Operation 1,466
Guam Cancer Passport: A Guide to Survivorship and Care 1,466
Press Release No. 2012-071 1,467